Brian Clough Quotes Disagreement

The world of football lost a legend 15 years ago today, and we remember some of Brian Clough`s most memorable quotes. 2. Regarding the management of disagreements with players: ”We talk about it for 20 minutes, and we decide I was right.” Here we celebrate 14 of his most memorable quotes – one for every year since he died at the age of 69. In the second leg at the City Ground in October, fans on both sides paid tribute to their legendary former manager crowned on the 10th anniversary of his death. So, before the latest ”Brian Clough Derby”, here is a selection of classic quotes from one of the most charismatic and colorful football characters of all. Here we remember some of his most memorable quotes. […] Dominate his actions like Clough. If you want to know what I mean, look at this list of 30 quotes from Brian Clough. For Ferguson, it was about the team and how to gain an advantage. Our lawyers are watching and have already succeeded.

But it wasn`t just his success in terms of results that brought him to iconic levels of popularity – it was his principles that behaved and most importantly his humor, personality, and memorable choice of quotes. . ”I wouldn`t say I was the best manager in the industry. But I was at the very top” – on his position. ”Who wants fourteen pairs of shoes when you go on vacation? I have never had fourteen couples in my life. On the contents of Posh Spice`s missing luggage. ”Anyone who can do anything but make a jumper at Leicester has to be a genius” – on the success of his ex-player Martin O`Neil. ”If one of my players does not disrupt the game, he is not paid.” – When the new withdrawal position was introduced. ”To reassure everyone, I want to point out that they did not give me George Best`s liver.” – After receiving a liver transplant. ”Sometimes I was a big head. I think most people are when they`re in the spotlight. My name is Big Head just to remind me not to be. Old Big`Ead explains its nickname. Hard-hitting and sharp, it is fair to say that Cloughie had the gift of the Gab.

”I thought it was my neighbor next door, because I think she felt like if I had something like that, I would have to move.” Guess who named him for a knight`s stroke. ”We talk about it for 20 minutes, and then we decide I was right” – listening to the opinions of the players. ”He learned more about managing football than he ever imagined. Some people think you can take off football boots and put on a suit. I can`t. In David Platt`s first season as a forest manager….