Agreement For Sale Of Flat In Cooperative Housing Society

Dear sir, I have an apartment in a registered company in the suburbs of Mumbai with covered parking. I have the Aggrement for Sale of the apartment and a letter of allotment from the client on its header. There are about thirty stilt parking spaces in our building and their prestigious owners have the same letter size for their respective parking spaces. I want to sell my apartment with stilt parking, but I was informed that the president of our building says that the parking lot must be left to the company. I want to know if that is what the law says. Ask for your answer as soon as possible. With regard to Sandford Xavier (3) The assignor declares that this dwelling is free from any charge, claim and claim of any kind and that it is fully entitled to take care of or dispose of it, and undertakes to purchase an apartment from a person through resale, to keep. It does not have a chain of agreements that show a transfer from the original buyer to himself. What it has is the consent of the first buyer and in which, on the last page, the company correctly recognized the passage from the original buyer to the final seller. The share certificate conforms to the name of the final seller.

I have an apartment in Thane (Maharashtra) that is registered on a common name with my brother. Later, he left his rights to the property. However, the registration has not been changed. It`s still a common name. If additional registration is required or if the rights are dropped on a stamp paper. Can he still claim ownership? If so, please tell me what to do. If a new registration needs to be made, what is the cost. In addition, provided that no buyer is entitled to more than one affiliation with a housing corporation. If a person can transfer the housing if the company is not registered, I have a power of my daughter who lives abroad and who has now acquired citizenship of this European country.

Can I buy them an apartment in a CHS? It is not physically present in India and therefore this issue. The problem here is that the company wants us to declare the total amount of the deed of sale on a written declaration and that we also set a condition that we do not sell the land without mentioning the total amount, and that we are required to sell the land to one of the members if the amount mentioned corresponds to the amount of one of the members of the company. There should be a proposal/legal advice on this. Public or other authorities, and there are no disputes, suspensions or legal proceedings concerning the said housing before a court, a tax administration or with municipal or social authorities. . . .