Wggb Pact Agreement

Mint – Co. is happy to advise you on production-related data protection issues, including reviewing model sharing forms, talent, crews or other agreements. We can also advise you on how your company needs to take to achieve RGPD compliance – we will be sending an email with more details on how we can help you in the near future. The new agreement means that for a one-hour drama slot period the rate increases to 13,320 $US. The series and series rate climbs to 10,570 $US. We recommend that you review your model-sharing forms and all other relevant agreements to ensure that data protection rules are in compliance with the RGPD and do not automatically depend on consent. WGGB agreements cover minimum costs and work practices and include repeat fees, credits, copyrights, payments, collaboration with authors and much more. If you delete still images and archives for your programs and content, be sure to be careful in your licensing agreements: if a producer has acquired an option for an existing work or has an idea for a film, but someone else needs to write the script, he will assign a screenwriter to write one or more scripts. A script agreement normally provides for the copyright to be awarded to the producer, although agents for the authors sometimes insist on turnaround provisions that, if the production of the film does not work, the rights to the script are the producer`s. However, in this context, a producer insists that development costs be reimbursed if the screenwriter has to recover the copyright. If you receive an NDA to sign before a pitch, be sure to cross-reference all the clauses that indicate that you assign all the IPs of your ideas presented at the pitch/meeting. Otherwise, you refuse to sign it.

It`s not fair. Fair position: You each have the rights and IP addresses in your respective contributions to the pitch meeting until a subsequent agreement is signed during the project phase. The Mint Collective gave a talk last year at Zetter Townhouse (in collaboration with Central Working, our co-work space, and Erica Wolfe Murray of Lola Media (IP Innovation Studio).