City Of North Vancouver Collective Agreement

Their City and al Bargaining Committee (City of Vancouver, Parks, Britannia and Ray-Cam) have not met with the employer since November 2020. In November, after an overwhelming response to our survey, the Committee presented an alternative approach that would speed up negotiations with a two-year agreement, which included a 2% wage increase each year. The union proposal introduced last fall resembled the agreement reached by CupE residents in the City of Burnaby and recently accepted bargaining units at the North Shore, including the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver and the District of Squamish. The employer did not propose a response to the union proposal submitted nearly four months ago. The management committee said they were still awaiting instructions from the city council. While the union disagrees that the city is affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, the union bargaining committee said its union bargaining committee was frustrated by the lack of employer action in securing new fair collective agreements for hard-working members who provide vital public services to residents during this difficult time. We know you share our frustration. In the coming days, the bargaining committee will meet with our stewards to plan next steps and explore strategies and tactics to put pressure on the employer. We hope to meet with the employer again in March and will work in the meantime to plan measures that demonstrate the unanimous support of members. With the support of you and your colleagues, your committee will return to the negotiating table in a few weeks with confidence in order to fight for a fair agreement. After our meeting with CUPE 15 Stewards, we will provide a new email update with more information and an action plan. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your union and all members.

If we fight together, we will succeed. In solidarity, City et al Bargaining Committee (City, Parks, Britannia and Ray-Cam) Warren Williams, CUPE Local 15 PresidentSantino Scardillo, Chair (City) Starla Bayley (Parks)Paul Chohan (City)Henry Lee (Parks)Michele Alexander (City)Tony Zullo (City)Kyle Larson (Parks) Ravina Lal, Alternate (City)Carin Rahmberg, Alternate (Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre)John Geppert, CUPE Local 15 Staff , benefit management, employment evaluation, wage management, organizational development, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, staff training and development, recognition and well-being. These include promoting harmonious relations between worker management and trade unions and providing progressive and responsive services in line with collective agreements, legislation and policies. Information technology provides customer-focused technology services for solutions that contribute to the city`s business goals. This will be achieved through the provision of technology, innovation and IT governance leaders, as well as reliable and secure IT services. Strategic Corporate Services includes Institutions – Real Estate, Personnel, Information Technology, Strategic Initiatives and Strategic Planning – Business. Strategic Business Planning leads the organization`s strategic and business processes to ensure that the city is supported by the review and evaluation of plans developed and implemented to achieve consistent and clear objectives and objectives during the Current Council period.